The Battle Map is probably the most important element in this game. Battles are won and lost here. Battles are spectated here. Battles are also learnt here.

Map Size Edit

Currently, the Battle Map is so large that "it takes 8 hours for the fastest vehicle to travel across".

The standard units that is used to calculate distances in the Map is the Field Units.

The exact size of the Battle Map is currently unknown, because it is too large.

How to get to the Battle Map Edit

The Battle Map exists in the game as one of the tabs in the GUI at the top of the screen. By clicking on the Battle Map icon, players are immediately brought into the Battle Map.

By double-clicking on the Global Map, players can arrive at the location they double-clicked in the Battle Map.

Tile Types Edit

There are two tile types in the Battle Map:

  1. Land. All units have no problem moving over it.
  2. Water. Currently, only Skimmers can move over it.

Battle Map Contents Edit

There are many things happening in the Battle Map simultaneously. Maybe there is a large battle going on somewhere while you are clearing a GSA Camp!

Armies Edit

Main Article: Armies
Armies are often seen in the Battle Map. Players claim farms using armies, attack others using armies, and defend using armies.

Cities Edit

Main Article: Cities
Cities are where buildings are constructed in-game. Currently, Cities cannot be destroyed and only armies that have the same owner as the Cities' can enter the 1 Field Unit radius from the City itself.

Farms Edit

Main Article: Farms
Farms provide their owner with material production at regular interval.

Fortresses Edit

Main Article: GSA Fortresses
Fortresses represents the capital city of each European Union member. They provide immense production bonus to the owner's alliance.