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Building types Edit

The Headquarters Edit

The Headquarters CANNOT BE BUILT by the player. It exists as the unique building per city.

Buildings producing materials Edit

The following buildings produce / process materials for the player's usage:

  1. sawmill
    1. woodcutter
  2. concrete plant
    1. cement plant
  3. steelworks
    1. Coal Mine
    2. iron mine
  4. refinery
    1. oil mine
  5. mint
    1. gold mine
  6. Beryllium Mine

There is one building that does not match the objective of producing / processing materials, but instead provides them by transporting them from place to place:

  • Logistics Center

Buildings providing resources Edit

The following buildings provide resources that are crucial to develop a city:

  1. Transformer
    1. power station
  2. canteen
    1. food production
  3. Housing

Military buildings Edit

The following buildings train military units:

  1. Rider Factory
  2. Skimmer Factory
  3. Tank Factory
  4. Turret Factory
  5. Walker Factory

The following buildings provide storage for military units:

  1. Rider Garage
  2. Skimmer Bunker
  3. Tank Bunker
  4. Turret Shelter
  5. Walker Bunker

The following building serves its purpose as a military utility building:

  1. Airport

Storage buildings Edit

  1. The Bank
  2. Wood Warehouse
  3. Concrete Warehouse
  4. Steel Warehouse
  5. Fuel Reservoir
  6. Beryllium Store

Building construction Edit

New building construction Edit

A new building order can be either the construction of new buildings or the upgrading of buildings.

Building queue Edit

The maximum build queue is normally 10, but if the Engineer Advisor bonus is active, then it is possible to stack up to 50 tasks in the queue.

Building construction speed-up Edit

You can speed up constructions by clicking on the Speed-Up button on the desired building queue. Speeding things up requires player to pay double of the current construction price.

Construction speed is halved per each speed-up, and is capped at a maximum of 8x, i.e., The maximum reduction of construction time is limited to -87.5%.

NOTE: The Engineer Advisor bonus reduces construction time by another 50%, meaning that players can have a maximum of -93.75% time reduction.


Gold ores and Credits Edit

Item Source Material-Product ratio
Gold Ore Mined from Gold Mines 1
Credits Processed at the Mint 1

Credits are like the real-life coins - they are the "currency" of this game. They are made from gold ores processed at the Mint.

The following actions especially require credits:

  1. Training military units
  2. Sending Convoys to other cities

Trees and Wood Edit

Item Source Material-Product ratio
Tree Harvested from the Woodcutters 2
Wood Processed at the Sawmill 1

Wood is the most common construction material in the game. They are made from trees processed at the Sawmill.

Most buildings require more wood than other materials.

Cement and Concrete Edit

Item Source Material-Product ratio
Cement Produced at the Cement Plant 1
Concrete Processed at the Concrete Plant 1

Concrete is a semi-rare material, due to its low production rate when compared to other materials. They are made from cement processed at the Concrete Plant.

Iron Ore, Coal and Steel Edit

Item Source Material-Product ratio
Coal Mined from the Coal Mines 1
Iron Ore Mined from the Iron Mines 1
Steel Processed at the Steelwork 1

Steel is a common industrial material in this game. They are made at the Steelwork by mixing BOTH iron ore AND coal together. Therefore, to achieve maximum efficiency, one must notice that BOTH coal AND iron ore input should be the SAME.

The following actions especially require steel:

  1. Training military units

Fuel Edit

Beryllium Edit


Edibles and Food Portions Edit

Item Source Material-Product ratio
Edibles Made from the Food Production 1
Food Portions Distributed at the Canteen 1

Edibles and Food Portions are essential to the population's well being inside a city.

Edibles and Food Portions CANNOT BE STORED. They are produced per hour and, if there is excess, are "dumped"

The following actions especially require Edibles / Food Portions:

  1. Construction of buildings
  2. Upgrading of Military Unit Training Buildings

Accomodation Edit

Accomodation is provided at the Housing.

Accomodation CANNOT BE STORED. They are produced per hour and, if there is excess, are "dumped".

The following actions especially require Accomodation:

  1. Training military units

High Voltage and Electricity Edit

Item Source Material-Product ratio
High Voltage Generated from Power Stations 4
Electricity Transformed at the Transformer 1

High Voltage and Electricity are essential for the city. All buildings in the city require electricity.

High Voltage and Electricity CANNOT BE STORED. They are produced per hour and, if there is excess, are "dumped".


Farms are scattered everywhere and a main source of materials