The Credit Production Line transforms Gold Ores into usable Credits, the currency of the future.

Raw Material Source Edit

Gold Mine

Main Article: Gold Mine
Gold ores, the raw material, are mined out from the Gold Mine for further processing at the Mint. They are not usable yet.

The Processing Edit


Main Article: The Mint
Gold ores are smelted into coins to produce finished material Credits. They are then transported and stored in the Bank.

NOTE: 1 Gold Mine and 1 Mint of same level creates maximum efficiency.

Final Product Edit

Main Article: Credits
Credits, the currency of the future, are the backbone of your economy. They are frequently used in the following actions:

  • Unit training / recruiting / whatever you call that
  • Outgoing convoy delivery
  • Upgrading the Bank

Credit production should not be overlooked when upgrading military buildings. They eat up a lot of them.

Storage Edit


Main Article: The Bank
Credits are stored in the Bank. Now the Credits can be used.