GSA Fortresses are massive structures owned by the Global Security Agency (GSA). They can be seen in the Global Map regardless of zoom. Each Fortress represent the capital city of an European country.

Spawning Edit

GSA Fortresses are spawned initially when the server starts. They also spawn 3-4 camps ("Guardian Camps", as some call it) to strengthen its defense. Usually, stacks of GSA Walkers of size 2000 - 4000 can be found in an unoccupied Fortress.

Usage Edit

The Fortresses provide high production boost to the Owner's alliance. Its production is EVENLY divided over each CITY of the alliance, not over each member. Each city receiving the bonus have their hourly production boosted.

Finding a Fortress Edit

Fortresses spawn at constant positions, unlike Camps. They can be found by 2 methods:

Method 1 Edit

  1. Go to Game Charts and Other Items -> Fortresses
  2. A list of Fortresses will show up. To see further details of the Fortress, double-click on the desired entry.

Method 2 Edit

  1. Go to Battle Map.
  2. You should see a panel on the lower right hand side of the screen. If there is none, click on the upward arrow (^) to open it.
  3. Click on the Magnifier ("Show Search")
  4. Type the name of the Fortress in the Search Box. (Name lists are below!)
  5. In the results provided, click on the matching item.
  6. Your Battle Map should now be centered onto the Fortress

Fortress List Edit

The following table lists out the current 42 Fortresses in the game:

Fortress Name Represented Country
Amderstam Netherlands
Ankara Turkey
Athens Greece
Baku Azerbaijan
Belgrade Serbia
Berlin Germany
Bern Switzerland
Bratislava Slovakia
Brussels Belgium
Bucharest Romania
Fortress Name Represented Country
Budapest Hungary
Copenhagen Denmark
Dublin Ireland
Helsinki Finland
Kyiv (Kiev) Ukraine
Lisbon Portugal
Ljubljana Slovenia
London United Kingdom
Luxembourg Luxembourg
Madrid Spain
Fortress Name Represented Country
Minsk Belarus
Moscow Russia
Nicosia Cyprus
Oslo Norway
Paris France
Prague Czech Republic
Pristina Kosovo
Reykjavik Iceland
Riga Latvia
Rome Italy
Fortress Name Represented Country
Sarajevo Bosnia & Herzegovina
Skopje Rep. of Macedonia
Sofia Bulgaria
Stockholm Sweden
Tallinn Estonia
Tbilisi Georgia
Tirana Albania
Vienna Austria
Vilnius Lithuania
Warsaw Poland
Fortress Name Represented Country
Yerevan Armenia
Zagreb Croatia