The Game Log is located at Game Charts and Other Items -> Game Logs. It logs everything happening in the game, giving the player some info, especially when someone just flipped their farms.

Game Log Categories Edit

In the current version 1.0.115, there are several types of Game Log Categories:

Category Description
Battles When your Commanders are attacked, or, unfortunately, killed, a new entry is created.

Interestingly, the Log suggests that the Commander is actually a "hero", as shown:

"Your Hero [Coordinates] [Name] has been hit by: [Attacker's Name]."

"Your Hero [Coordinates] [Name] has been killed.

Convoys When you receive/dispatch Convoys from your Logistics Center, a new entry is created.

"Convoy from city [City Name] - [Player Name] arrived to your city [City Name] with load: [Cargo]"

"You have dispatched convoy from city [City Name] to city [City Name] - [Player Name] with load: [Cargo]"

Farms Records every change of ownership of Farms that you control. This includes claiming a farm, and being claimed/expelled.
Fortresses Records every change of ownership of the Fortresses in the game. Note that this information is available to everyone, not just the ones owning the Fortress(es).
Global Diplomacy Records every pact made and or revoked by the alliances in the game.
Diplomacy ---(I seriously dont know what this is for... I cant see any entries yet.)---
Alliance Membership Records when a player is invited to, kicked from or joins your alliance.
Alliance Rights ---(I see no entries yet, but I am sure it records when a player is granted/stripped of any Alliance Privileges.)---
Bonuses ---(I dont play Premium content... No idea...)---