The Global Map is intended to be a high-zoom and simplified version of the Battle Map.

Map Icons Edit

There are different icons in the Global Map that denotes different items in the Battle Map.

Cities Edit

Cities are represented by a square.

Farms Edit

Farms are represented by a circle.

Units Edit

NOTE: This feature requires you to have General Adviser active!!!

Units are represented by smaller squares.

Fortresses Edit

Fortresses are represented by larger squares. They can be seen at any zoom of the Global Map.

The Superfortress in Iceland is also represented by a Fortress Icon too.

Icon Colors and Alliance Diplomacy Edit

The player's current alliance's diplomatic relationships can affect the color of the icons.

Blue Icon Color Edit

That item is yours!

Green Icon Color Edit

That item is owned by your alliance, or the allies of your alliance.

Yellow Icon Color Edit

That item is owned by neutral / peace alliance.

Red Icon Color Edit

That item is owned by an alliance which had declared war on your alliance.

Orange Icon Color Edit

That item is owned by the GSA; or, for fortresses, that item does not have an owner

White Icon Color Edit

The owner of that alliance has no official relationships with you.

Dimmed, Gray Icon Color Edit

Only for cities. This city does not have an owner.