General information

Global Security Agency (GSA) is a totalitarian organization which has usurped all the capitals of European countries and rebuilt them to its own mighty fortresses. GSA controls in addition to fortresses also Superfortress in Iceland and numerous camps throughout Europe. GSA units are so called NPC units, that does not control the player but the computer. GSA is the archenemy of all players and thus form an essential PvE (Player versus Environment) element in the game.

GSA Logo

GSA Superfortress

The GSA headquarters is based in the mighty Superfortress in Iceland and GSA with a firm hand reigns throughout Europe from there. The conquest and domination of the Superfortress is an essential key to the achievement of the Game World Victory.


GSA Fortress

Every European Capital is GSA fortress after Game World launch. If a fortress is occupied by a player then it dispatches load of each material to every city of the holder's alliance every hour. The amount of the dispatched load is calculated as default number of materials plus a certain % of the hourly production of materials in all cities in the particular state (except Beryllium which is always a fixed amount).

All the necessary information about each of the fort can be found in Fortress List.

Fort list

GSA Camps

GSA camps are objects on the Battle map, whose destruction brings considerable experience for your Commanders. GSA camp's central towers have range of fire  0-9 fields and can deal four different types of damage: Gatling, Missile, Plasma or Tesla. It is necessary to destroy the total number of towers in the middle of the GSA camp in order to destroy it totally.

GSA camps