PREMIUM package offers great advantages and will make your playing much more joyful.

PREMIUM is indispensable for all players who want to finalize the strong city economy as quickly as possible.

PREMIUM is indispensable for all players who do not have time to play many hours a day.

PREMIUM is indispensable for all players who enjoy combat and want to show off their skills in military strategy. 

PREMIUM brings 7 great functions:

+50% boost to every material production in all your cities.

Construction time of all buildings is cut in half.

Construction queue up to 50 buildings.

Global map and Battle map have a significantly greater zoom.

Your commanders gain +50% more experience during combat.

Global map indicates enemy armies, forts, cities and farms.


You can buy PREMIUM for 30 days for 199 iCoins or for 7 days for 69 iCoins.

You can even buy PREMIUM for 7 days for 999 iCoins to every member of your Alliance!

Material purchase

You can purchase any amount of materials in the game. However you cannot purchase more materials than the storage capacity in your target city.

Just click golden "GET MORE" button and the menu for the purchase of material will be opened. The button can be found in every city just above the construction queue.

The sum of the 1-hour material production (excluding +50% Mayor boost) calculated from one of your cities (which has the best production of purchased material) cost 3 iCoins.

The sum of the 6-hour material production (excluding +50% Mayor boost) calculated from one of your cities (which has the best production of purchased material) cost 10 iCoins.

2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th Cities

You can own up to 5 cities in every World of the game. To get the new city you need to click on button "Get new city" and then just click on available city on the Battle Map and purchase it for iCoins.

Acquisition of the 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th City cost 99 iCoins.

City relocation

You can relocate each of your cities to another city. To relocate your city you need find empty unoccupied city on the Battle Map. Then you just click on that city and pick the option "RELOCATE YOUR CITY HERE".

IMPORTANT NOTE: It is possible to relocate your city only once per 24 hours and your Armies won't be able to leave the city for 12 hours plus these three conditions must meet in order your city to be successfully relocated:

1) All the commanders of the city have to be inside their home city.

2) No commander of the city may have command to attack, to move or to deploy.

3)  In the city or immediately outside the city (8 map fields around the city) there shall be no commander from another city.

City relocation cost 99 iCoins.