The skimmers lack the speed of the Riders, and the durability of the Tanks, but can move over water. It can be built at HQ Level 10. The next unit type in the "tech tree" is the Turrets.

GSA Skimmers are referenced as "Hovercrafts".

Unit Type Specifications Edit

The following data are either collected from the cities' Factories or from battle performance.

Standard Statistics Edit

Property Value Description
Strength (Attack) 8 Moderate
Durability (Health) 12 Moderate
Mobility (Speed) 11 Moderate
Approximate time per Movement 15 secs

Fortification Range Property Edit

Property Unfortified Fortified
Minimum Range (in Field Units) 0 3
Maximum Range (in Field Units) 3 5
"Blind Spot" Range NO Blind Spot 2

Fortification Time Edit

Action Time Required
Fortification 240 seconds; or 4 minutes
Mobilization 180 seconds; or 3 minutes


Construction Costs Edit

Material Amount per Skimmer
Credits 150
Steel 120
Fuel (Deployment) 12

Construction Time Edit