Tanks are referred as "the real beasts of the battle ground", having high durability and strength, making it a good choice for attacking. It can be built on HQ Level 9, with the next unit in the "tech tree" as the Skimmers.

Although this unit type can inflict serious damage on other units, its drawbacks are that it moves slower than riders, and it has a blind spot when un-fortified.

GSA Tanks are referenced as "Tanks" also.

This unit type comes with 4 different weapon types available to be installed.

Unit Type Specification Edit

The following data are either collected from the cities' Factories or from battle performance.

Standard Statistics Edit

Property Value Description
Strength (Attack) 8 Moderate
Durability (Health) 17 High
Mobility (Speed) 10 Low
Approx. time per Movement 20 secs

Fortification Range Property Edit

Property Unfortified Fortified
Minimum Range (in Field Units) 1.5 0
Maximum Range (in Field Units) 4 5
Blind spot Range 1.5 0

Fortification Time Edit

Action Time required
Fortification 480 seconds; or 8 minutes
Mobilisation 60 seconds; or 1 minute

Construction Cost Edit

Material Cost
Credits 120
Steel 150
Fuel (Deployment) 10

Construction Time Edit

It seems that the limit of maximum number of Tank Factories in a single city is not specified.

Let n be the number of Factories in the city, then the time required to build a tank when there is n Factories of same level is given by (the time given below) * (1/n).

(A more general formula is not yet found.)

NOTE: It is guessed that the build time is related to the bunker capacity of the related building (Tank Bunker). It is yet to be confirmed.

NOTE: Since this resembles a inverted exponential growth, on very high levels (Approx Lv ???), the construction time may be inaccurate.

Level of Factory Time required Time required (secs)
1 2 hours 46 minutes 40 seconds 10000 seconds
2 1 hour 23 minutes 20 seconds 5000 seconds
3 55 minutes 33 seconds 3333 seconds
4 33 minutes 20 seconds 2000 seconds
5 23 minutes 48 seconds 1428 seconds
6 16 minutes 40 seconds 1000 seconds
7 12 minutes 49 seconds 769 seconds
8 10 minutes 25 seconds 625 seconds
9 8 minutes 46 seconds 526 seconds
10 1 minute 40 seconds 100 seconds
11 1 minute 30 seconds 90 seconds
12 1 minute 22 seconds 82 seconds
13 1 minute 15 seconds 77 seconds
14 1 minute 8 seconds 68 seconds
15 1 minute 2 seconds 62 seconds
16 56 seconds
17 51 seconds
18 46 seconds
19 42 seconds
20 25 seconds
21 22 seconds
22 20 seconds
23 18 seconds
24 ?
25 ?
26 ?

Calculation of the Build Time of a Tank Edit

NOTE:This is not proven to be correct at all times, but sofar, it works.

There will be a separate page when there are enough details.

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