== Turrets==

Turret are the 4th unit i the tech tree which are unlocked at HQ lvl 12 after this the next unit in the tech tree are walkers which are unlocked at HQ lvl 15.

Turrets are completely harmless while moving and an unfortified Turret durability is also extremely low but as soon as they are fortified they gain massive Range, Durability and Power.

Unit Type Specification Edit


The following data are either collected from the cities' Factories or from battle performance.

Strength (Attack) ?? Moderate (when fortified)
Durability (Health) ?? Moderate/High (when fortified)
Mobility (Speed) ?? Extremely Low

Fortification Range PropertyEdit

Property Unfortified Fortified
Minimum Range (in Field Units) 0 0
Maximum Range (in Field Units) 0 9
Blind spot Range 0 0

Fortification TimeEdit

Action Time required
Fortification 600 seconds; or 10 minutes
Mobilisation 180 seconds; or 3 minutes

Construction CostEdit

Material Cost
Credits 150
Steel 300
Fuel (Deployment) 40