Turrets, also mentioned as "mobile artillery fortification defense system" by Eve, is a defense-only type in the game. Its Factory and Bunker are unlocked at HQ Level 12. The next unit type in the "tech tree" is the Walkers, at HQ Level 15.

The Turrets have formidable firepower, but its only down side is that it can only be fortified to function. When it is not fortified, they look like a truck with some cranes on its top side.

Combat Guide Edit

Turrets... What is your first impression of Turrets? Most probably you will feel a mindless machine, with a Machine Gun mounted on a tripod, equipped with a micro processor, and turning its fierce MG and spray out its ammunition like a boss...

Yeah. So they actually do not move much. This is also reflected in the game - Turrets either fight, or run. There is no other option.

As a result, they are often used only when in luring tactics. Some guy will lure the enemy from their stronghold, and then the Turrets will finish them off. They can form an Iron Shield pretty well along with fortified Tanks. They also kill Riders pretty easily when in large numbers.

But, consider another perspective - they are static, which means that they do not function well when they are on the move. As such, when moving turrets from one place to the other, always cover them with Tanks and Riders to prevent someone sabotaging or ambushing the innocent Turrets. So, when you are trying to crush a handful of Turrets, try to bring full army to counter the escorting armies so to reach the Turrets.

Construction Time Edit

It seems that the limit of maximum number of Turrets Factories in a single city is not specified.

Let n be the number of Factories in the city, then the time required to build a turret when there is n Factories of same level is given by (the time given below) * (1/n).

(A more general formula is not yet found.)

NOTE: Since this resembles a inverted exponential growth, on very high levels (Approx Lv ???), the construction time may be inaccurate.

Level of Factory Time required Time required (secs)