Units are movable objects found in the Battle Map.

Each unit is equipped with one of the 4 weapon types, and can be one of the 5 available unit types. Each unit's strength, durability and speed is determined by its unit type, while its effective damage is determined by the weapon combination of the attacker and defender. See more information about this bonus at the Weapon Types article.

Units are produced in the unit production factories and stored in bunkers. Units have to be assigned to a Commander to form an army so that they can appear in the Battle Map. After spawning the armies, you can control them in the Battle Map interface.

Unit Naming Edit

There are twenty different units in the game, determined by its unit type and its weapon type. The units' name is made by combining its Weapon Type with its Unit Type, for example, "Gatling Walker" or "Plasma Tank".

Unit Types Edit

  1. Riders
  2. Tanks
  3. Skimmers
  4. Turrets
  5. Walkers

Weapon Types Edit

  1. Gatling
  2. Missile
  3. Plasma
  4. Tesla

Combat Bonuses Edit

Main Article: Combat Bonuses
There are 2 types of combat bonuses in the game, which are the Weapon Type Bonuses and the Commander Bonuses.

Unit Production and Storage Edit

Main Article: Unit Production
Units are produced in unit production buildings and stored in storage buildings. As you upgrade those buildings, you can build faster and store more.

Production Buildings Edit

  1. Rider Factory
  2. Tank Factory
  3. Skimmer Factory
  4. Turret Factory
  5. Walker Factory

Storage Buildings Edit

  1. Rider Garage
  2. Tank Bunker
  3. Skimmer Bunker
  4. Turret Shelter
  5. Walker Bunker

Unit Capacity Edit

Each city has a maximum number of units it can hold, determined by the number and grade of its corresponding storage building.

To check your current capacity, click on the corresponding building in your City interface. The UI of the building will tell you the amount of units you can produce.

Spawning Units Edit

Creating Armies

From the City (by Land) Edit

Units by default exit the City and move around the Battle Map by land.

From the City (by Air), i.e., Deployment Edit

Units can be ordered to depart the City and arrive at / leave any location of the map, provided that you have the Airport and that the unit supports deployment.

Unit Control Edit

Game Time Cycle Edit

The game time cycle is approximately 10 seconds. The exact time is currently unknown.

Unit Movement Edit

Main Article: Army#Army Command
As of Version 1.0.59, there are a total of 9 actions that you can command armies with:

  1. Move
  2. Cancel Move
  3. Attack
  4. Engage
  5. Cancel Attack
  6. Retreat
  7. Evacuate
  8. Fortify
  9. Mobilize

Unit List Edit

Here is a table of all current units:

Gatling Missile Tesla Plasma
Riders Gatling Rider Missile Rider Tesla Rider Plasma Rider
Tanks Gatling Tank Missile Tank Tesla Tank Plasma Tank
Skimmers Gatling Skimmer Missile Skimmer Tesla Skimmer Plasma Skimmer
Turrets Gatling Turret Missile Turret Tesla Turret Plasma Turret
Walkers Gatling Walker Missile Walker Tesla Walker Plasma Walker