Weapon types play an important role in this game's strategy.

Weapon Types Edit

There are currently (and possibly only) 4 weapon types in this game.

As arranged by the game UI itself, the four weapon types are:

  1. Gatling (Also mentioned as Machine Guns)
  2. Missile
  3. Tesla
  4. Plasma

Gatling Weapon Type Edit

This weapon type allows units fire heavy rounds of bullets towards the enemy.

This weapon type resembles Machine Guns in real life.

Missile Weapon Type Edit

This weapon type allows units fire accurate rockets upon the enemy.

This weapon type resembles rockets such as RPGs in real life. (Not to be confused with Real-Time Strategy games!!!)

Plasma Weapon Type Edit

This weapon type allows units fire charged projectiles towards the enemy. It resembles the various plasma weapons found in science fictions.

Tesla Weapon Type Edit

This weapon type allows units fire electric currents towards the enemy.

Weapon Type Battle Bonuses Edit

It is WORTH NOTING that fighting different units with different weapon types can have very different effect. This situation is similar to that of rock-paper-scissors game.

The game includes similar mechanism. Certain weapon types have bonus over another type, as described as follows: ("->" denotes "have bonus when fighting against")

Gatling -> Missile -> Plasma -> Tesla

Plasma -> Tesla -> Gatling -> Missile

Another part of this mechanism is that alternating weapon type combination does not offer bonuses, for instance, Missile units fighting Tesla units DO NOT GET bonuses. Therefore, some people choose to place armies with alternating weapon types (like Missile-Tesla, and Plasma-Gatling) to fight / compensate damage bonus of the other unit.

Units Naming Edit

As each unit type (not specific unit) can have the listed weapon types installed, it is therefore possible to have a total of 20 different units in the game:

Military Units Gatling Missile Tesla Plasma
Riders Gatling Rider Missile Rider Tesla Rider Plasma Rider
Tanks Gatling Tank Missile Tank Tesla Tank Plasma Tank
Skimmers Gatling Skimmer Missile Skimmer Tesla Skimmer Plasma Skimmer
Turrets Gatling Turret Missile Turret Tesla Turret Plasma Turret
Walkers Gatling Walker Missile Walker Tesla Walker Plasma Walker