The Wood Production Line transforms Trees into usable Wood, the main construction material of the game.

Raw Material Source Edit


Main Article: Woodcutter
Woodcutter cuts down trees and prepares raw material Trees for further processing to Sawmill.

The Processing Edit


Main Article: Sawmill
Sawmill cuts Trees supplied by Woodcutters into wooden planks and thus produces finished material Wood. Wood is then transported to the Wood Warehouse for storage.

NOTE: 1 Sawmill can process the production of 2 Woodcutters of same level.

Final Product Edit

Main Article: Materials#Wood
Wood planks, the final product, is widely used as the PRIMARY construction material in the game. You never have enough of them.

Storage Edit

Wood Warehouse

Main Article: Wood Warehouse
Wood Warehouse stores your Wood and Trees under extensive wood storage sheds. Now your Wood can be used.

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